A Bit of Pink

August 10, 2014

This time last week my bff and I were meticulously planning what we were going to wear to The Another World festival. A whimsical, luxury festival to be held in some woodlands near Northampton, complete with silent disco, street food vans, masquerade ball and a fairground. To say we were excited is an understatement. The pretty dress had been bought and flower covered headwear set aside. We were going to float around like sassy, magical fairies and dance into the night.
Fast-forward one week, and I am not at said festival. It was cancelled (unforeseen circumstances apparently), the weather has been utterly confused with hailstones followed by sunshine and I am feeling decidedly glum.
So after spending much of the day indoors hiding from the confused weather, I decided that a pretty pink lipstick (Mac - Pink Nouveau) and a pretty pink dress (charity shop bargain) would perk me up suitably to head out and pick up a good merlot to toast my lost festival and enjoy while watching Big Brother this evening. Yes I watch Big Brother, no I do not feel any shame about this.
Ashleigh to win!!

Ekaete xx

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  1. Ooh! Looking fresh faced and fabulous! Shame about the festival though. Ashleigh to win! Looking forward to more posts Ini xx

  2. Sucks. We should hit up a festival next year! One that wont get cancelled...

  3. Dressing up and putting on your favorite lipstick always feels so good right?

    Maggie S.


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