An ode to beautiful girls...

September 29, 2014

This one is for you.
To the girls who live life beautifully. 
Who try to spread a bit of positivity wherever they go.
The girls who have little to no interest in what others wear because it has no effect on them.
Who celebrate individuality rather than look down on it.
Who base their worth on more than hair length and sole colour.
The girls who try not to talk badly about others, but have no problems telling you if you have been acting like a fool.
To the girls who do not put others down as a way of dealing with their own insecurities.
Who build as opposed to destroy.
Who encourage as opposed to deter.
Who see their friends winning as them winning.
Who see other women winning as them winning.
To the girls who do not assume that someone who dislikes them is a 'hater'.
Who realise that maybe you need to look inwards instead of outwards.
And that maybe, just maybe, you might be the common denominator in those failed friendships.
To the girls who invest as much in their minds as they do in their face.
Who read.
Who learn.
Who grow.
Who inspire.
To the girls who love love. Who admire love. But do not envy love.
Who would never come in between love.
Who would never tarnish love.
To the girls who are reading this with a smile and not a frown.

To my women who love other women and see them as sisters as opposed to competition.

You the real MVPs.

Ekaete xx

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  1. The lighting is so fab in these shots and you look stunning as always! Can I please print this and pop it on the wall, it is honestly just magical and every woman needs to read asap! More please, more! xxxxx

    1. awwww... love youuuuuu!!
      you don't need this on the wall my sweets, you were one of my inspirations for it!


  2. Agreed. When the lighting is good, everything is good. Great post cuz xx

  3. How beautiful! You look so pretty in all these photos! :)

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