Paris Photo Diary

September 03, 2014

1. Breakfast time
2. Typical lunch
3. Apparently this guy is a regular around Saint-Paul. I want his bike.
4. Shopping
5. Dinner at the Buddha Bar
6. Hotel 
7. A pretty balcony which caught my eye
8. Exploring
9. Hi!
10. Some artwork in our hotel room. I kept getting a bit freaked out that they were looking at me...
11. Have you taken it yet?
12. Next time a moped is a must

Bonjour mes amis!
I'm back from a little break in Paris with my very blog shy beau and so thought I would share a few pics of our time there. We are both a little bit in love with Paris and have been before and done all the main touristy stuff; the Eiffel Tower, arc de triomphe, lunch on the seine... To be honest, I think once you've been to the Eiffel Tower once, that's probably enough?
This time, we wanted to get to know the city a little more. For starters, we used the Metro! Previously we only used taxis to get around but the Metro is actually pretty simple. And much cheaper! Although we did sneak in a cheeky Uber after a night out.
Some definite highlights were:
*Morning strolls to the local boulangerie (bakery) to find something delectable for breakfast each morning. We took that in turns and enjoyed our spoils back in the hotel while watching random french television.
*CHEESE! Cheese, cheese, cheese! Goats cheese, camembert, brie, roquefort... I didn't discriminate. And just when I thought I couldn't possible find any more room for cheese, I found some.
Can you tell I like cheese?
*Practising (and failing) speaking french with the locals. Being the francophile that I am, I think it's about time I take some lessons. I just remember it being soooooo hard at school.
*Posing in large ornate doorways. As you do.
*Dinner at midnight in a quaint little restaurant we stumbled across after a night at Le Ballroom (who don't appear to have a website, but this site has the vital stats). If you are looking for a really chilled out, unpretentious and yet beautiful place to relax and have some drinks in Paris then make sure you visit Le Ballroom. You will love it.
*Meeting up with some old friends of my husband for lunch and spending hours just nibbling (Parisians eat very slowly!), laughing, and people watching from our terrace seats.
*Shopping in the Saint-Paul Village, really pretty and fabulous shops.
*Afternoon naps with the sun pouring in through the window. Simple pleasures.

Until next time Paris...

Ekaete xx

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