A wonderful day for a wedding

October 23, 2014

So yesterday I witnessed one of my oldest and dearest friends become a married woman...

It was such a wonderful, love-filled occasion so I just thought I would share some of it with you all.

Now I was supposed to have a staff training session after school yesterday, but I had places to be so that simply wasn't possible. As soon as that last bell had gone and I had ushered the last straggler out of our hour long lesson on The Munich Agreement, I grabbed my stuff and hurried to my car.
After hurriedly transforming from educator of history to bridesmaid extraordinaire I was ready to head out. No time for setting up of tripods so a handheld shot had to suffice.

I parked up and ran inside, managing to catch the last glimpse of Lara's preparations. She looked like a work of art. I was open-mouthed and emotional at my childhood booboo about to have one of the happiest days of her life. 

The evening was beautiful. For anyone who has never been to a traditional Nigerian wedding, let's just say we know how to do a wedding like nobody else can!
There was lots of ceremony, fervent praying, dancing until your legs actually felt weak, mounds of food, drink aplenty, spraying of dollars and laughter which still rings in your ears even when at home.
It was a perfect mid-week celebration and I was honoured to be a part of it.
Love you Lara xx

Ekaete x

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