Onesie Party Disaster and Gone Girl

October 12, 2014

So yesterday may have been one of the single most embarrassing days of my entire existence. It didn't start that way however... allow me to explain.

My friend Nat and I were due to go to a charity onesie event at Kensington Roof Gardens yesterday, in aid of War Child. I thought it was a really worthy cause and couldn't think of anything more appealing than partying in a onesie. We were excited and carefully picked out our onesies with complimenting accessories.
Now bad sign number one was the fact that as we strolled through High Street Kensington in all our fabulous onesie glory, we did not see a single soul in similar attire to ours. Not one. Even as we queued, nobody looked like us.
We felt reassured once some organisers came to the door in onesies and breathed a sigh of relief.
That didn't last long.
As we departed the elevator and stepped into the bar area, the cold realisation suddenly hit that we were the only people in this bloody place wearing essentially our bedclothes.
We looked around and did what any lady does when faced with difficulty or embarrassment in public, we ran to the loos.
After much laughing and "OMGs" and even pep talks in the mirror, we rejoined our non dress code complying partygoers.
As we sat down with our complimentary cocktail (I needed a drink) we couldn't help but laugh. But as the laughter subsided, I realised this wasn't funny... this was infuriating! Why should I feel stupid when they were the ones who didn't do what they were supposed to??? It wasn't fair! So out of sheer stubbornness I made Nat sit there for a good 30 minutes. Yes, we sat there. In our onesies. In the middle of the room. Each minute that passed someone would walk in, give us a sympathetic smile and walk on. No doubt chuckling to themselves about the silly girls in onesies even though WE STUCK TO THE DRESSCODE!!!

Finally, we admitted defeat and realised this wasn't fun. It was quite a pretentious crowd too and I had planned to dance the way I would if I was at home in my pyjamas. This was clearly not that type of occasion so we walked back through High Street Kensington, in our onesies, past bewildered pedestrians and finally retreated into the solitude of Nat's car.

It didn't help that when I phoned my darling husband, my support system, my life cheerleader... he burst into fits of laughter, told me I was an unserious person and said he was embarrassed for me.


Aaaanyway, all's well that ends well. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much and we ended up going home to get changed before going to watch Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck.
That film is MAJOR. Probably one of his best. Definitely recommend you go and see it...

Hope everyone had a slightly less embarrassing Saturday night than mine.
Moral of the story... always arrive at fancy dress in sensible attire. Change when you get there.

Ekaete xx

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  1. This is such a lovely post! The photos are just amazing. What camera do you use?

    Beth x

    1. Thank love, although they were just my little Samsung camera phone. Still trying to remember to take my camera out with me! :)

  2. I've heard good things about Gone Girl. I must watch it soon!

    xo T.


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