The Pudding Bar & A Cheeky Pizza Stop

November 02, 2014

Happy Sunday y'all!

Hope everybody has had a nice weekend and is having a restful Sunday.
Yesterday I was finally able to catch up with my gorgeous cousin Emem, who has spent a good portion of this year living a life of luxury in India with work commitments. Obviously I wanted to hear all about it and fill her in on developments over here and so we did this in the best way possible... over cake, tea and wine.

My date for the night x
The Pudding Bar is a pop-up currently in Greek St (Soho), which only has one thing on the menu... puddings!
It was a bit of a no brainer that I would visit this establishment and so this was the perfect opportunity.
The venue is set over 3 floors and inside is very kitsch. Nothing fancy, quite cute and very chilled out. 
We perused the menu and after much deliberation decided we would get four (yes, four) and a cheese plate. Thankfully, sense kicked in and we thought it better to get two first, and then if we fancied it, get another two. This ended up being much more sensible as after sharing the two we chose, we were completely stuffed and slightly delirious from the sugar bombs we had just experienced!

S'more Cheescake...
Milk chocolate cheesecake on a ginger nut biscuit base with peanut butter ice cream.
I died.
Apple and Maple Syrup Baked Alaska...
Cinnamon spiced apple cake with maple syrup ice cream, wrapped in Italian meringue with maple glaze.
I died again.
The service was really friendly and there was no rushing us to leave, despite the fact we spent about 4 hours in there! I highly recommend a visit and will be going back myself to sample the other treats on the menu. The Pudding Bar will be open until January so you can either just show up or make a booking on their website. 
Oh, and on a completely irrelevant note, how cool is the wallpaper in the loos?

Before we knew it, the clock said 8:30pm and we were now quite hungry! Not for more dessert, but actual food. So we decided to make a quick stop at Pizza Express on the way home... where we ended up spending another three hours! Like I said, we had a lot of catching up to do!

No need to waffle on about Pizza Express. They do good pizzas. We ate Calzone and lamented not being able to lie down afterwards and rub our rather full bellies. 

A great evening with all the necessary components; good company, good food, laughter, wine and peanut butter. Perfect.

Do let me know what you think if you decide to head down to The Pudding Bar, I need to know what dessert to try next time!

Ekaete xx

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  1. I cant wait to hit up that pudding bar. Trust you to go for a peanut butter based pudding :)

    1. I had to go for the peanut butter Imo... it would have been foolish not to.
      It was sooooo good. Next time I might just get a bowl of that!

  2. The food looks yummy ;)

  3. Ooh I've always wanted to try a baked alaska! Looks like you had a great time catching up!
    Meg of An Affair of Character

  4. that smores cheesecake looks AMAZE. X


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