Why I voted Tory...

May 08, 2015

So I woke up this morning after just a few hours sleep and if Facebook is to be believed, I am a very bad person and the end of the world is nigh!
Well because the Tories are staying and my vote contributed to that. Yes. I voted Tory.
I almost feel like I can't say that without being apologetic and I don't think I am the only one as my Facebook timeline is inundated with people grieving the loss of humanity as we know it, but not one person celebrating the result. And I know full well that I have some Tory pals out there... where you at?!
Now don't get me wrong, it's good to see so many people engaging in politics and making full use of a democratic process which is not afforded to all; but you can't then start throwing abuse when democracy speaks. Yes, politics will invoke passionate reactions but you can't look down on or judge those who hold a different view to you. Unless of course they vote UKIP... then judge away! ;)
But in all seriousness, we can't celebrate democracy but then try and dictate that democracy. "Use your right to vote but only if you vote for...". That's not what the Suffragettes, the Chartists and countless others fought for. We are all different and we all have different priorities. That's what makes politics exciting and engaging. You can't expect everyone to hold the same views that you do. That's just not how life works!
So why did I vote Tory?
This was a hard one for me. My family are traditionally Labour voters and I did grow up with the rhetoric of the Tories being racist, causing me to vote Labour in the past.
However as I have gotten older and become more engaged with politics myself, I realise my views are much more aligned with the Conservatives. That's not to say I agree with everything they stand for. The hike in tuition fees, for example, was horrific. But you may not find a party which represents you 100% and so really, you just need to go on the policies which you care most about. Call that selfish if you will but my family are my priority. Sorry.
Fundamentally, I believe in rewarding hard work and success and not punishing it (as I believe a Mansion Tax does). One day, if I am to buy a £2m house, why should I pay an annual tax on that? I didn't cause the housing crisis so why am I being used to try and solve it?
Inheritance tax... currently 40% on anything over £325,000. Again, I don't see how this is fair. David Cameron proposed raising the threshold to £1m, which I personally think is more fitting.
Welfare. This is a sensitive one as I do strongly believe that people who have worked and paid taxes and then perhaps fall on hard times deserve help. I also however, believe that too many abuse this privilege and so contribute to the demonisation of the less fortunate which we see in certain media outlets everyday. We must accept that an emphasis on welfare as opposed to job creation is not economically sound. You cannot make a life on welfare a viable option for somebody. If there is minimal difference between the average salary in the UK (which I believe is around the £26,000 mark) and the amount that somebody can claim in benefits, then where is the incentive to work?
I believe in enterprise and ambition and the idea that anything is possible. I am fiercely capitalist and feel that the party which encourages business and self-reliance is the conservative party. As I said, I don't agree with them on everything and also can't stand David Cameron (too smug) but I went with which policies fit my beliefs best.
Some of the cuts we have seen over the past 5 years have been applied too ruthlessly, but i'm sure most will agree that there have to be quite extreme cuts somewhere... Labour's 'Robin Hood' methodology when it comes to taxation just irks me. We hear so much about these evil bankers. Let's stop this please. Not all bankers are evil and if you happen to work for an investment bank which has done very well and want to pay you a fabulous bonus, then good for you! Just as people say we shouldn't generalise the police, let's not generalise everybody in the banking sector as being corrupt.
So do we just leave the most vulnerable in our society to fend for themselves, completely unaided? Of course not. I think the fact that Britain has a welfare system is wonderful. It shows a compassion that not every country has and is a useful safety net. But it needs a complete overhaul. It needs to be a (mostly) temporary measure for those who truly need it.
So that's why I voted Tory.

Now please, let's all stop attacking each other and perhaps celebrate the fact that women and ethnic minorities are growing in parliamentary representation. That's good right?

All comments welcome for some healthy discussion... but I ain't fighting nobody!!

Peace and love,

Ekaete x

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