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September 12, 2016

Happy Monday guys!
This post is a little later in the day than planned but hopefully it can be of some help to someone...
I was thinking about this today in a moment of procrastination; so often we are told it's ok NOT to be ok. But as true and worth remembering as this is, I think sometimes we need to consider that it's ok to be ok as well. I know this sounds odd, but bear with me - i'm going somewhere with this!
How many times have you bumped into someone, maybe at work or on the school run and been asked that master opener of all small talk... "How are you?" You are feeling absolutely fine, great even, but for some unknown reason respond with "not bad, can't complain..." all the while sighing and pulling a less than happy face. Why so negative?
I have done this countless times in the past. Especially when I was still teaching. Now I loved being a teacher, it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. But all too often, I found myself becoming a bit of a negative Nancy! Someone would approach me in the staff room and ask how I was and even if I was having a great day I would find a way to make it slightly negative...
"I'm ok, just really tired."
"Not bad, need a coffee though!"
"Yeah... (sigh) ok I guess."
I can't be the only person who has done this and it's a habit I have really been trying to break. I'm not saying I walk around like a ball of sunshine all day but if I am feeling good and someone asks then I will openly tell them that I'm doing really well. Positivity breeds positivity and you never know whose day you are going to brighten a little. I have this one friend on Facebook (I haven't actually seen her since I was about 16!) who posts the most positive and uplifting Facebook statuses. She literally finds joy in everything! Even a sandwich on her lunch break is like manna from heaven. And I love it! I could be having such a bad day and just one of her statuses will make me smile.
I'm also a big believer in the power of words. If you keep speaking negativity into your life then that's exactly what you will manifest.
Don't go full Kanye mode, but just learn to be ok with your ok-ness (?)

** Gold star for the person who can tell me how many times I have written 'ok' in this post! **

Life is short and we are all going to go through hard times, so enjoy those precious 'good' moments to the fullest. Exude your happiness and spread a little sunshine :)

Ekaete x

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