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September 19, 2016

Happy Monday people!

Now, if I was to ask you what the perfect day in your life would look like, what would you say?
This was an exercise that was recommended by an amazing lady called Dani; a business mentor, digital strategist and all round badass businesswoman. You can have a look at her site here.

I found it so helpful to actually sit down and think "what am I working towards?"
What is the ideal day in my dream life? Do I work from home or an office? What time do I wake up? Do I go to the gym? Where do I live? Do I employ staff? Where do I eat lunch??
All these things plus many more need to be thought about in order to start building and focusing on a very clear goal of how we want our lives to be.

There are many of us who are slogging it out in a 9-5 which we may not particularly enjoy. Just last night I was chatting to my hubby and he was having one of those *Ugh, work tomorrow* moments and so I was encouraging him to think about where he wants to be in 5 years. What does he want to be doing and how would he ideally spend his days. Now he is not really big on all these "mindset" techniques. He works in finance and sees all this "create your vision" stuff as being, in his own words, a bit fluffy. But I think I'm winning him round! He's agreed to sit down after work today and we can write some stuff down together. Whether or not he actually does is another issue. I'll keep you posted!
But the idea is that if you have a very clear picture of the life you are working towards, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. If you know that you are building towards the most incredible future for you and your family, then getting up in the morning is exciting and is bringing you one step closer.

I did write my own "perfect day" scenario. It is quite long (I went into a lot of detail!) so I won't post it here, but it did include the following:

  • I live in a large beautiful home. 
  • I wake up early to go to the gym (or workout in my home gym!) before getting the boys ready for school.
  • I have an office space near where I live. I can drop the boys at school and then go there straight after. My office also has an events space where I can run small workshops. 
  • My work involves a lot of interaction with clients and people who want to work with me. 
  • I have the time to take a lunch break and also to read more.
  • I am able to complete a good amount of work before picking up the boys from school. When they are old enough, they can come and meet me at work and we go home together. 
  • I can help them with their homework and again, when they are old enough, can be getting on with some of my work while they get on with their homework. 
  • The period from 6pm - 8pm is family time. No work, no emails, no phones, just time spent as a family.
  • I love travel and so would want to travel at least 3 times a year. This would vary between going alone, going as a family, going just with my hubby or going with friends. 
  • I go to bed by 10pm, to-do list written, house clean (by the cleaner, I can't clean that big old house on my own!) and content with the day.
So thats's a little round-up of my "perfect day"... what would yours include? For clarity, focus, motivation and inspiration, I can't recommend you doing this enough. 
Write it down, keep it somewhere and refer to it when needed.

Vision Boards are another wonderful way to achieve this, it just depends on your preference. I love to write so for me, writing it out was more powerful. But for someone who is more visual, you may prefer that method.

I would love to hear some of your perfect days... might provide me with a little inspiration too!

Here's to no more Sunday night blues... :)

Ekaete x

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